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A Training Program Created for Mums, by a Mum

Hello mum. My name is Nicole Avery. I am a mum to 5 gorgeous (most of the time!) kids. There was once a time in my life when I had many of the problems you face today as a mum.

I found it difficult to spend any kind of quality time with my kids or husband. I was in constant doing mode, going from chore to chore, doing things on an as needed basis, as and when they came up.

While not being able to spend meaningful time with my kids was definitely the biggest sore point, there were other issues that were really getting to me:

  • My to do list was never ending.
  • I felt I was always doing house work.
  • It took forever to find things around the house.
  • I wasn’t getting enough sleep.
  • I was spending more on store bought food, simply because I didn’t have the time to make food at home.
  • I also didn’t have time for the small things I loved – I couldn’t even imagine spending time doing something like reading a book!
I knew I had to change…

I resolved to make several changes to my life, my routines, my habits and my daily processes, to get my life organised as a mum. Over several months, I changed my life in such a way that everything I did in a day was planned or accommodated for. I didn’t firefight or tackle things just as the need arose anymore. I was able to cook for my family, giving them affordable and more importantly, healthy food. I had quality time to spend with my kids. I even found time to read again!

I have documented my processes and changes in a blog called Planning with Kids (, a blog that has been read millions of times since 2008, helping mums solve many problems and challenges they face, every day.

The popularity of my blog made me wonder if I should put together a comprehensive program for mums, online, so I can teach them everything I knew about how to make their life better, more efficient and less chaotic.

After carefully compiling videos, workbooks and other content, I launched Planned + Present as an online course. It was a phenomenal success, with over 550 mums to date successfully completing the course, many writing to me, telling me how my course completely transformed their lives.

I now invite you to access the Planned + Present course online!

An Online Course to Help Mums Who are Stressed for Time

Videos, Printable Workbooks & Reading Material

Get Instant Access Here Basic Plan $149 & Premium Plan $179

How Planned + Present Can Help You Become a Happier Mum?

Planned + Present is a 7 week, 7 lesson online training course designed to help you find more time for your family and yourself, save money and experience less stress and anxiety as you carry out your mum duties.

As a mum, I know time is of the essence to you. Though the course is a 7 week course, you have lifetime access to the training material, giving you the flexibility to learn it at your own pace, also allowing you to revisit lessons whenever you want a refresher lesson.

7 Lessons, 7 Weeks to Help Mums Find More Time with Family, Save Money and Eliminate Chaos

Week 1: Time Management Training

Time is a precious commodity, especially so for mums. Many  mums will tell you that 24 hours in a day are just not enough. While it might seem that freeing up time is just unthinkable, it is very much possible.

Planned + Present’s first training module will help you realise where your time is being spent and where it ought to be spent instead. You will learn systematic ways to categorise and analyse your time management. This is a critical first step that will set you up for success with the rest of the training course.

Week 2: Establishing Habits

Habits are a powerful phenomenon. When you are habituated to something, your subconscious mind drives your body to perform those habits, come what may. Unfortunately, this holds true for both good and bad habits.

In this training module, you will be given practical lessons that will allow you to adopt new good habits and you will learn helping the habit framework so you can make the habits stick. You will also learn techniques that will teach you to ‘stack’ your habits.

Weeks 3 & 4: Establishing Routines

Routines are the backbone to implementing planning and organisation. Planned + Present will train you with dedicated lessons on routines for your home, involving your kids, to create both bonding and to get them to help around the house. Here is a sneak peek at the routines you will learn about;

  • Menu planning
  • Food prep routines
  • Morning routines involving you and the kids
  • Evening routines involving you and the kids
  • Household routines for the kids
  • Homework routines with kids
  • Technology management routines with kids
Weeks 5 & 6: Finding More Time to be Present

By week 5, you will find that you are able to make time during a day, time you just didn’t have before. It is now critical that you use this new found time judiciously. Lessons 5 & 6 let you do just that.

You will first learn how to practice gratitude, a value that will significantly improve the quality of your life. You will learn how to schedule your week, accommodating all your daily chores and also introducing quality family time, sprinkling your week with many 20 minute time blocks with your kids.

The use of a simple yet powerful tool in a calendar will be taught to you. You will learn how to set boundaries for yourself and stay focused on your itemised tasks at hand.

Week 7: Track, Tweak & Repeat

While Planned + Present will show you the way to get significantly more organised with life, you will still need to track your progress and performance to know if you are practicing what you were taught. Planned and Present will give you tangible ways to measure or quantify your results, assess your monthly performance and also suggest troubleshooting and tips to bring your performance back on par.

Bonus 1: Monthly Menu Plans

Planned + Present teaches you how to create and implement menu planning. Shopping, prepping and preparing food is one of the biggest time consumers for mums and this training will give you the skills to smartly organise a time saving and money saving monthly meal plan.

But to help you get into the habit I have included as a special bonus, 3 fully prepared monthly meal plans, complete with shopping lists and easy and delicious recipes. Besides a ton of time, this monthly menu plan will also save you a significant sum of money.

Bonus 2: School Lunch Planner

Send your kids to school with healthy, nutritious and affordably prepared lunches with Planned + Present’s school lunch planner. A detailed e-book will give you many creative lunch box ideas, including gluten and nut-free recipes.

Bonus 3: My Favorite Resources List

I created Planned + Present after hours and hours of research and reading. If you have time to go beyond Planned + Present training, you can access my carefully compiled resource list to help you be the most efficient mum you can ever be. On my resource list is ready access to brilliant audiobooks, podcasts and online reading material on topics meant to make a mum’s life easier.

Over 550 Mums Have Vouched for Planned + Present!

Planned + Present has been instrumental in helping hundreds of mums find more time, eliminate stress, save money and enjoy quality time with their kids.

Read more heartfelt testimonials here and here.

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  • No more chore stress!
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  • New found time for your hobbies and non-mum interests
  • Massive savings on food!
    • Reduce food wastage
    • Eliminate expensive & unhealthy store bought food purchases
  • Extra money saving tips
    • Avoid late fees with a calendar system

The Many Benefits for Mums Who Undertake Planned + Present Training

  • Find more quality time for kids, for your partner and for yourself
  • Greatly improved sleep quality
  • Take advantage of deals and early bird specials

Become a Smarter, More Efficient, Moneywise and Happier Mum

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sign an ongoing payment contract?

No. There is a one off  payment for the course for which you will receive life time access to the materials and any updates that are made to the course.

Is there a guarantee for this course?

Yes! I know you will love Planned & Present, but if for some reason you are unhappy I have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What equipment do I need to do Planned + Present?

You will need a computer or device to watch the videos on. For this you will also need access to the internet. However you can download all the videos/audio/PDFs onto your computer and play them back at a time convenient for you without requiring the internet.

Can I start the course straight away?

As soon as you sign up you will have full access to the course and emails to guide you through the course from this point.