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Hello and if you are still in lockdown reading this, hang in there we are almost there! Living in Melbourne I can totally relate to lockdown life and having experienced a long lockdown last year as well as this year, I am also aware of the challenges that come along with re-emerging from lockdown.

Thanks so much for stopping by Planned + Present. My name is Nicole Avery and I have been sharing tips on how to use planning and organisation to have more time to enjoy family life on my blog Planning With Kids since 2008. In that time my posts have been read by millions of people and I have helped them solve many of the common problems in family life.

As noted, I am Melbourne-based and I am a mum to five kids aged 22 – 12. Yes, they all still live at home, and yes having so many people in the house during lockdown was/is challenging at times!

While we all cannot wait to have life return to something resembling normal soon, for most of us we will need to consider things that we haven’t necessarily worried about for the last few months:

  • making sure the kids get to school on time (and getting up earlier than five minutes before the need to be in front of a computer for the teenagers!)
  • school lunches
  • school uniforms/school clothes
  • fitting in social activities
  • fitting in extracurricular activities
  • potentially heading back to the office and having a commute to factor into the equation for dinner planning

you will never change

Yes, we did this all before but it is amazing how quickly we can get out of routine and slide on our positive habits and we are of course not returning to “normal”. You may be in the office a couple of days a week only. Depending on the year level the kids are in they might only be at school two days a week.

Finding a new rhythm to post lockdown life will be smoother and less stressful with a little bit of planning.

If you have been lucky enough to avoid a long lockdown, Planned + Present will help you establish routines and positive habits if you don’t have them in place already and revamp and improve existing routines and habits. Getting smart with your routines and habits means you can spend less time doing for the family and more time being with the family.

the constant workload of family life

We are what we repeatedly do

The last two years have been so unpredictable but amongst the unpredictability, there has been the constant workload of family life:

  • the kids need to be fed
  • food needs to be bought
  • the house needs to be cleaned
  • the clothes need to get washed
  • homework needs to get done
  • device use needs to get managed
  • kids need to contribute to the household tasks
  • we need to spend time with the kids (for connection and fun)
  • we need some time for ourselves (for our sanity)

Planned + Present can help you streamline the known repetitive tasks of family life (like the list above!), so you can then better manage the unpredictable but inevitable parts of family life (sick kids, fighting, tantrums etc), while still leaving you space and time so you can enjoy family life.

Planned + Present is a step-by-step guide on how to organise the chaos of family life while still leaving space to enjoy it.

Over the seven lessons in the Planned + Present E-course, I take you through a workflow that you will be able to use time and time again to find routines and habits to organise family life and give you space to enjoy it. It will help you:

  • determine your key goal for family life
  • set personal habits to allow you to take care of yourself and find time for the things you love
  • create morning and evening routines for you and the kids
  • set up a super simple menu planning process to make mealtime easier
  • increase the kids’ independence and get them helping around the house
  • create systems to manage homework and device use for the kids

You will have lifetime access to the e-course and you will learn how to use the workflow so you can continually adjust your planning and organising as your family stages, ages and circumstances change.

WHO IS Planned and Present FOR?

waiting for the right time

Planned + Present is for mums who:

  • are tired of constantly rushing from one thing to the next and putting out spot fires
  • want to make time in the week to do things they love
  • want more time being with the family not doing for the family
  • want other family members to do more for themselves and around the house
  • want meal time to be less stressful and more enjoyable

What Planned and Present will deliver to you!

start today

Planned + Present E-course gives you a workflow that takes you step by step through the key routines you need to create a solid foundation for your family. Being planned and organised has many benefits that flow onto the whole family. The course will deliver to you:

  • Clarity and confidence to deal with competing interests – by determining your “why” you can make navigating this minefield much easier.
  • Creation of positive habits – through learning about why habits work and how you can fit them into your life permanently.
  • Routines, processes and plans to organise the chaos of family life – there are templates for you to use and routines to follow, so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Restored calm to daily life – with disorganisation comes stress, tension and decreased family harmony. Move to a planned approach and see how much calmer family life becomes.
  • Improved distribution of household tasks – through a planned and thought-out family contribution schedule.
  • Defined strategies to be present at home – there is more to life than a checked to-do list and I will show you how you can incorporate simple strategies into your week so you spend time being truly present with your family.
  • More time to enjoy the family – setting up a solid planned base for your family, will save you time, time you can spend with those you love most.
  • Save you money – the average Australian household throws out over $1,000* worth of food each year. Meal planning prevents and reduces food wastage, saving you plenty of money across the year. You can also read how other families have found the course has saved them money here. *Source:


You can also read more lovely words from mums who have completed the course here and here.

start with a single step

Planned + Present self paced Lifetime Access Option  = $149

You can sign up at any time for the Self Paced option. You will receive instant access to all course materials plus weekly and follow up emails to help keep you moving forward.

Planned + Present GUIDED Lifetime Access Option  = $179

The Planned + Present Guided option is run three times a year and is led by me – Nicole Avery, with weekly Facebook Lives and a Facebook Group to keep you accountable in making your way through the course and providing support when you have questions and challenges.

The Facebook Live will be held every Thursday for seven weeks at 2pm AEDT. In this live session, I will add to the core video for the week and share my experiences and tips for managing family life when coming out of lockdown. Plus I will answer any questions you have on organising family life. If you cannot make these sessions at the time, they are recorded and available in the group instantly.

You can sign up now and access all the course materials for the Guided option, but the weekly emails and Facebook Group will not commence until Monday 18th October and the first Facebook Live will be on Thursday 21st October at 2pm AEDT.

your step by step guide

Time – how you are using it and what you want to do with it

Working through this lesson you will realise that to make substantive change to home life, you need to take a deeper look at what you are currently doing with your time and where you really want to be spending it.

Setting up habits to achieve your goal

The key to goal achievement is creating the right habits to support your goal is. We look at:

  • Why habits work
  • How to choose what habits to create
  • How to stack your habits
Routines for the home - part 1

Essential routines for the home is a big topic, so I have broken it up into 2 parts. The first three routines we cover are by far the biggest ones in terms of taking time to establish and the impact they have:

  • Menu planning
  • An evening routine for you and the kids
  • Morning routines for you and the kids
Routines for the home - part 2

The routines we look at in part 2 work in with the three routines we created in part 1 to enhance the smooth running of the household. The three routines we cover in lesson four are:

  • Weekly food preparation session
  • Household tasks for the kids
  • Managing homework & tech with the kids
Being present at home - part 1

Like the routines, being present at home is covered in two sections. To kick off processes we look at how to:

  • Practice gratitude
  • Set up family meetings
  • Dedicate 20 minute time blocks with the kids
Being present at home - part 2

The aim of the processes we cover is to allow you to be more planned, so you have more time to be present with your family. We look:

  • How to create a weekly schedule
  • How to set boundaries for yourself
  • Getting smarter with your calendar
  • Staying focused on the task at hand
Track, tweak & repeat

Tracking and tweaking is an integral part of staying organised and using the Planned & Present Workflow you have this element built in to your routines. We look at how to:

  • Measure your results
  • Reviewing your monthly progress
  • Adjust your routines as needed
Monthly menu plans

Menu planning saves you time, energy, money and stress! To help you on your menu planning way I have included as a bonus 3 x monthly menu plans with shopping lists, using tried and tested family favourite easy to cook recipes.

Lunch box ideas e-book

Lunch box ideas e-book full of gluten and nut free recipes plus tips for making school lunches easier.

Additional Resources List

A collation of my favourite books, audiobooks and podcasts into a resource list for you to download!

How is Planned & Present delivered?

Planned & Present is an online course. When you sign up you will be sent a login and you will receive lifetime full access to the course content through the website immediately. Each lesson includes:

  • a video to watch
  • workbook activities to complete
  • the option to download a video version, an audio only version and a copy of the slides for each lesson so the course can be undertaken offline if needed
  • and if you choose the guided option, you can join the Planned + Present Facebook Group where I post most days and host one live session each week to share more information and answer questions for seven weeks

Sign up now to become planned & present for your family!

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Instant, full access to all 7 modules

Instant, full access to all 3 bonuses

Lifetime access so you can do the course at your own pace

Access to future updates and support




Registrations close 7am Monday 18th October

Instant, full access to all 7 modules

Instant, full access to all 3 bonuses

Weekly Facebook Lives for seven weeks led by Nicole Avery

Lifetime access so you can do the course at your own pace

Lifetime access to support Facebook Group

Access to future updates and support

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sign an ongoing payment contract?

No. There is a one-off payment for the course for which you will receive lifetime access to the materials and any updates that are made to the course.

Is there a guarantee for this course?

Yes! I know you will love Planned & Present, but if for some reason you are unhappy I have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What equipment do I need to do Planned & Present?

You will need a computer or device to watch the videos on. For this you will also need access to the internet. However you can download all the videos/audio/PDFs onto your computer and play them back at a time convenient for you without requiring the internet.

Can I start the course straight away?

As soon as you sign up you will have full access to the course and emails to guide you through the course from this point.

If you have selected the guided option there will be an official start date from which Nicole will start leading the group.

This seems like a lot of money to spend. Will this course help me save money?

While you may have to outlay money for the course initially, over the year, it will easily pay for itself through the savings you can make. Planned + Present will save you money by:

  • Reducing food waste – the average Australian household throws out over $1,000 worth of food each year or around $19 per week. Meal planning prevents and reduces food wastage, saving you plenty of money across the year.
  • Saving on food for kids’ lunches – Planned + Present teaches you an easy and efficient process for making the kids’ lunch boxes. By having a lunch box process you can reduce the amount of money you spend buying lunches for the kids instead of making them, buying in bulk instead of using pre-packed items which are always more expensive and making items instead of buying them using the weekly prep process taught in the course. This only can save you many dollars each week, for example compare the cost of store bought to home cooked muffins:
    • Coles homebrand pack 4 blueberry muffins = $3.50 or $0.88 per muffin
    • Making 15 muffins at home $5.09 or $0.34 per muffin
    • 15 home made muffins = $5.09 compared to 15 store bought muffins = $13.13
  • Saving on lunches for mum and dad – through menu planning and the weekly prep lessons, you can now have home cooked food on hand for lunches for mum and dad, instead of buying food for lunch at work. It is hard to find a decent lunch in Melbourne for less than $10 a day, so if you are buying your lunch regularly, this can give you big savings.
  • Less late fees more early bird specials – having a calendar or diary system that can incorporate keeping track of payment dates and early bird rates is a great way you minimise unnecessary expenditure. In the course I teach a process you can use and apply to any calendar or diary you use, so that you don’t miss payments or special deals.

You can also read how other families have found the course has saved them money here.

Do you have more testimonials I could read?

Absolutely. I have had so many mums provide feedback on how the course has helped them personally and their families. You can read a collection of them here.

I have a question not listed here, who should I contact?

You can contact me via email at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.