How being Planned + Present can help save you money

While you may have to outlay money for the course initially, over the year, it will easily pay for itself through the savings you can make. Planned + Present will save you money by:

  • Reducing food waste – the average Australian household throws out over $1,000* worth of food each year or around $19 per week. Meal planning prevents and reduces food wastage, saving you plenty of money across the year.
  • Saving on food for kids’ lunches – Planned + Present teaches you an easy and efficient process for making the kids’ lunch boxes. By having a lunch box process you can reduce the amount of money you spend buying lunches for the kids instead of making them, buying in bulk instead of using pre-packed items which are always more expensive and making items instead of buying them using the weekly prep process taught in the course. This only can save you many dollars each week, for example compare the cost of store bought to home cooked muffins:
    • Coles homebrand pack 4 blueberry muffins = $3.50 or $0.88 per muffin
    • Making 15 muffins at home $5.09** or $0.34 per muffin
    • 15 home made muffins = $5.09 compared to 15 store bought muffins = $13.13
  • Saving on lunches for mum and dad – through menu planning and the weekly prep lessons, you can now have home cooked food on hand for lunches for mum and dad, instead of buying food for lunch at work. It is hard to find a decent lunch in Melbourne for less than $10 a day, so if you are buying your lunch regularly, this can give you big savings.
  • Less late fees more early bird specials – having a calendar or diary system that can incorporate keeping track of payment dates and early bird rates is a great way you minimise unnecessary expenditure. In the course I teach a process you can use and apply to any calendar or diary you use, so that you don’t miss payments or special deals.

How Planned + Present has been an investment for other families

Planned + Present has seen a pretty amazing group of mothers go through the course over the years and I recently asked them how they believe their families have benefited from them doing the course. Here is what some of them had to say:

** Calculations based off price from Coles Online on Monday February 4th 2019.

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