about Nicole Avery

The creator of Planned + Present

Nicole Avery is a Melbourne (Australia) based mum to five gorgeous children aged from 19 – 9. After her second child she decided to leave the corporate world to focus on her family. While at home she decided she needed to learn some new skills. Nicole had been reading blogs and decided she would create one to share what she was learning about planning and organising to help make family life easier. In 2008 she created the Planning With Kids blog which is now 10 years strong and is one of Australia’s most popular parenting blogs.

The blog has created a platform for Nicole to share her philosophy of planning for the known so mums can be better prepared to cope with the many unknown and variable surprises that family life throws up at us.

Planning With Kids has received numerous blogging awards and has been published into a book, also named Planning With Kids. Nicole is a sought after speaker on topics ranging from home organisation, planning, productivity and blogging.

Over the last 10 years Nicole has made substantial positive changes to her life, including:

  • Slowing down and finding more time to enjoy her family
  • Changing to a whole foods approach to eating
  • Running marathons
  • Starting CrossFit and Yoga
  • Creating a meditation practice
  • Increasing her productivity through working smarter which allows her to work less hours
  • Continually simplifying plans and processes in the home to foster greater harmony

With a wealth of knowledge from practical personal experience, combined with the lessons learnt from the women she has been teaching, it is Nicole’s aim to help as many women as she can, to become more planned and present in family life and to feel a greater sense of fulfilment and achievement.